Ollie Loops. The Beginning.

It started back in March (2013) when I first wanted to pick up a crochet hook and learn the art. A few of my photographer friends and I were talking props for their business, and I wanted to help them out for all the times they were there for me with a photography question. So I went to the store and picked up some yarn, the basic crochet hooks, and a ‘How to Crochet Book’. Well, that book was written in a WHOLE new language to me! I got frustrated very quickly and almost wanted to quit right then and there…but I couldn’t, I wanted to learn.

I ended up searching online and founds some great blogs, tutorials, and videos. I sat in my computer chair and just followed along. My first work is embarrassing as I’m sure any first timer’s was. It was supposed to be a square- I don’t even think there is a name for the shape I created. It was just warped. BUT I have it hanging over my computer desk to remind me of how far I’ve come since then.

Next, I made myself a scarf, then one for my daughter too. I really started expanding into a new world of loops and stitches. About a month later I was asked to make my first newborn prop. A nesting bowl for the newborn to lay in, but using my infinity scarf pattern so it would be versatile.


The third one I made was using a softer yarn. It felt like silk. I love the color choice also!


Don’t mind the doll 😉 I borrowed my daughters for the photos!

Since then I’ve made 2 more nesting bowls, headbands to match. Little boy bow ties. I’ve also made a few Hula Outfits. Can’t wait to see these in professional photos- and ON the babies!


I’ve also created a few items for myself and the kiddos. A pair of granny square boots, still working on a granny square blanket (keep putting it off for other projects!) and an over-sized infinity scarf. Princess crowns, and frisbees.


My first blanket. I love the colors, and it’s perfectly thick. Perfect for Maine winters!

Last month I came across this pattern for a beard, and I knew I had to make Tank one! He had the perfect hat to match it too!

DSCN070333 DSCN0701232

Momma’s little lumberjack! LOL!

I also made an orange pullover vest for Tank for this upcoming hunting season. They don’t make safety vests in his little man size. But he has a crafty Momma….so orange and camo vest it is!


Still a work in progress. I ran out of camo yarn. Still need to finish the neck and arm holes. Then might add a ‘sweatshirt’ pocket and outline with more camo. Tank loves it already.

And for Jay, I wanted to do something special for her since she was always asking me to make her something. I found a pattern online for a dolly. I knew she would love it. I’m going to make a few outfits for it to go along…but here is dolly so far…

DSCN1889dolledit DSCN1893

Isn’t she adorable!!! Eeek! I can’t wait to see her face…but it will be awhile. This will be her Christmas present, so she has not seen it at all. She was so fun to make.

So…I started today’s blog because I want to start providing people with my creations. I want to keep expanding in this art and share it with others. Today I’m publishing my Facebook page and making it official. Christmas will be coming around the corner soon enough, and why not give that person you love a homemade item?


‘I’ve put love into every “loop” I create’


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