Dogs day of Summer- All I’ve seen is rain.

Only 9 days in and already I think this is the best July yet. I’ve loved having two kiddos running around to chase and play with. They’re really growing too fast and I’m trying to get every moment in with them I can. Tank (My Son) is going to be 2 in November- he is an incredibly smart one year old! Not much of a talker- but you know what he’s saying through his expressions. He is a dare devil and a half- climbs all and has no fear- unless it comes to someone he doesn’t recognize. Hands go up over his face as he tries to give you the “I can’t see you, you can’t see me.” LOL He has officially moved on to a regular cup. Thinks hes a pro holding it with one hand 😉 The other day I found him standing in the kitchen bare-assed and smiling. He had taken off his diaper and pooped on the floor! So Mommy and Daddy went out and bought him a potty. We’ll see how that goes!

Jay is 7 1/2 and blows me away everyday with her reading skills. She reads at a 4-5th grade level and is going into the 2nd grade! She loves to read. Her favorites right now are any type of the Junie B Jones series, Witches by Roald Dahl, and Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. She is really into any kind of art/craft. Her artwork is amazing. Truly like her Momma that one. Attitude and all 😉

Hubby and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 2nd. Gosh, I love that man. Don’t know what or where I would be without him. We didn’t do much, then again, we never have. We celebrate our love everyday. Mostly we’ll reminisce about the day and look at our wedding photos. It was one heck of a day I’ll tell yeah! Me, 20 years old and 10 weeks pregnant with Jay. Hubby was sweating bullets and smiling all at once. I can still remember his expression when I met before him after walking down the “isle” (a dirt driveway). He really loved me and we were starting our life together officially. We got married at friend’s house, in her backyard. Under the arbor that went into her garden. Freshly bloomed flowers, friends and family all surrounding us. The sun was bright and beautiful. It was magic. 

ImageJuly 2, 2005

Now- onto the Fourth of July Celebrations! We got up early and went to a local parade. Not as exciting as I’d like, but the kids really enjoyed themselves. Jay loves to dress up on celebrations like this…and I found a cute idea for a hair style on a website so we tried it out…


She loved her hair and so didn’t I. It came out so cute. My Patriotic Beauty.

Later in the afternoon we went to the neighbors for a BBQ. It was a great time. Tank was making everyone laugh. We went back over to the homestead to light off fireworks. We had a quick thunder/lightening storm that went past. Everything was wet and the mosquitoes came out something horrid, but the beautiful explosions in the sky made up for it.




So they say July and August are the Dog Days of Summer and I’m really hoping for more of it throughout the next month, and the next. All we’ve seen is rain. Not a little drizzle either. Days upon days of heavy rain. Just putting a damper to everyone’s mood. Keep the sunshine coming please! 🙂


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