First Timer

Tonight was the night I was making Cheeseburgers for the first time ever. Yup, you heard me. EVER. Hubby makes amazing cheeseburgers that I can’t get enough of. But now that he is working later during the week, he wouldn’t be able to make them. Cheeseburgers is one thing I always have him cook. Honesty, it’s just so he will cook something and I don’t have to do it all the time.

I talked to The Hubster before dinner, and got all the advice I could. The size, the seasoning, the temp, etc. I was going into this like I was going to make some kick butt burgers! I got all my ingredients together and heated up the pan. Slammed my burger into good size patties, because of course we all know the shrink (Oh, you didn’t know that? Well you do now, so make those babies big!) and placed them into the pan. 

Next comes MY favorite part. Sauteing up some onions. I’m not a big onion fan. Raw- yuck. I can’t do it. But cook them with some butter, nice and slow in the frying pan. Yum! 


Don’t those look good!!?? I love the little pieces that brown up real nice.



Next comes my other favorite toppings. Mayonnaise, ketchup and ranch dressing. Oh yeah, mix that all together and you have a deliciously creamy sauce. 



I bet you’re trying to lick the screen right about now huh?? 😉 

Slap that puppy together and you have one delicious burger…now to see if it tastes anything like The Hubsters….



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